The Open Innovation process

As specialist in housing and office and retail real estate, the Group is making the most of an opportunity to hybridise all real estate products, designing in new functionalities such as leisure, learning, culture and experience. Alone or with partners, the Group's challenge is to harness these new components in order to anticipate and offer these new real estate uses in its products, to integrates a diverse range of uses. Knowing that our lines of business are grounded in the pooling of skills, Altarea has developed an open innovation process designed to complete the Group's partner network and enhance the quality of our projects.

5 partnerships complementing our activities

Altarea pursues an open-innovation policy based on partnerships with start-up incubators, organisers of calls for proposals, key partners and research organisations. The goal is to identify the best practices and new trends applicable to our business activities and that can be designed into our real estate and service offerings.

  • Paris & Co

A selection of start-ups, Open Innovation Day, the real estate network of the future.

  • French IoT
A catalyst programme for start-ups focused on connected services.

  • Docaposte
The partnership between Altarea and Docaposte for the Easy Village application.

  • Smart Building Alliance
An association focused on Smart Buildings for the development of digital technologies in buildings and neighbourhoods

  • Real Estech
The community of real estate entrepreneurs.

Open innovation: from start-up to major group

Open innovation: from start-up to major group


major partnerships

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identified in our innovation ecosystem

Altarea has built a solid and sustainable ecosystem comprising partners who complement our activities.

Maxime Lanquetuit

Our business is based on bringing skills together. This Open Innovation process completes the Group's partner network and enhances the quality of our projects.

Maxime Lanquetuit Innovation Director