A culture of innovation

The Group's innovation approach is also based on an acculturation process, which consists in providing employees with information, by way of events and targeted monitoring, about the innovation challenges that will impact our businesses in the short or medium term.
Helping employees to address the challenges of innovation

Helping employees to address the challenges of innovation


Digital platforms

Youth Comity

Five events each year on forward-looking topics for our businesses with the participation of experts to give a clearer overview of all the topics concerned (digital transformation, new ways of working, the city of tomorrow, artificial intelligence, etc.)

ALTAFUTURE: an internal editorial monitoring platform focusing on new urban uses around our three key business challenges: a new retail experience, new ways of living, new forms of work.

ALTAWIKI: a platform for discussions and sharing partners, original projects and responses to tenders.

A cross-disciplinary committee, Youth Comity is a pillar of the company’s transformation. It offers insights into generations Y and Z, chooses ground-breaking ideas and pitches them to company management. 

The objective: accelerate the Altarea’s transformation.