Customer satisfaction is the Group's priority. This objective is achieved by listening to and creating dialogue with customers across all activities. In addition, we attain this aim through initiatives supporting the quality of life associated with operations that also improve the economic value of long-term projects.


Customer Service of the Year

in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023


of new projects

certified NF Habitat(a)

(a) Excluding Woodeum, Severini, co-development, renovations et managed residences


of retail sites

certified BREEAM® In-Use

Dialogue to support customer relations

Evolution of lifestyles, emergence of new forms of work and mobility, development of the collaborative economy... With societal transformations, the expectations and needs of customers are changing.

Altarea is adapting its offerings to meet the needs of clients and users, in response to these movements.

That's why the group wants to strengthen the trust established with users, visitors, tenants, and partners, and offer an increasingly adapted and personalized customer relationship. In each of its activities, devices for dialogue and satisfaction evaluation have been formalized: surveys and studies, interactions in real life or digitally...

Listening to improve satisfaction

Altarea listens to customer expectations in all of its business activities.

Find out how the Group engages in dialogue with all of its customers.

Listening to improve satisfaction


A customer service team handles the entire purchase process to make life easier for buyers. Besides providing practical tools and a single point person, surveys are conducted at various stages of the process to gauge the evolution of customer satisfaction.

Nohée® residents

For easier and more comfortable day-to-day living, meetings are held once a month with tenants.

Office user key accounts

Series of meetings are held with the real estate departments of major corporations to assess their needs and expectations.


The Group conducts annual surveys with retail banners, particularly on the CSR policies in place at shopping centers. The data we gather helps to identify leads for the improvement of services.

Shopping center visitors

Surveys of visitors are carried out regularly to improve our understanding of their expectations, measure standards of satisfaction and appraise each shopping center's appeal and level of awareness.

Efforts rewarded

In January 2024, Cogedim took first place in the Les Échos customer relations ranking carried out by HCG for the second consecutive year. This multi-sector ranking sets the customer services of the 200 biggest companies in France against each other by testing all of their channels: telephone, letter, email, website and social media.

Life quality and well-being in its projects

Factors of social cohesion for users and attractiveness for communities, well-being and quality of life are essential concepts for sustainable urban development, as well as for the interior design of buildings.

In all of the Group's activities and for each project, three criteria for well-being and quality of life are considered :

  • The location of the project
  • The intrinsic quality of the building
  • Access to additional services 

Life quality and well-being in its projects

Quality of location

The Group chooses density and proximity. The projects undertaken are located within 500 meters of public transportation, thereby promoting access and mobility for users.

Intrinsic quality of the building

Air quality, acoustics, lighting, aesthetics... but also usability and flexibility of the building are all factors on which the Group places the utmost care.

Access to complementary services

Altarea enriches each project with services that complement the local offer. Depending on the needs, the Group integrates, for example, daycares, high-quality food shops, and recreational facilities into its real estate programs. Special attention is also given to the role of nature in the city, a recognized source of well-being for users.

Promoting well-being in the city

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Labels and certifications, creating green value

Labels and certifications, creating green value

Altarea is committed to guaranteeing the green credentials of its real estate projects to customers.

Accordingly, the Group relies on a sustainable certification strategy that is ambitious, innovative and specific to each of its activities.

This approach reduces risks of a building becoming obsolete and losing its value because of changes in its customers' expectations, and of increasingly stricter environmental regulatory requirements.

Foster a culture of innovation for customers

The uses and expectations of residents and users of cities are constantly changing. As a leader in urban transformation, Altarea must be innovative in order to tailor its offer to this changing environment: changing households, new ways of working or the rise of digital technology.