Altarea, founded in 1994 by Alain Taravella, is today the leader in urban transformation in France. The Group has developed a unique real estate skills and development platform covering all classes of real estate assets (residential, retail, offices, logistics, hotels, serviced residences, etc.). This means we can respond effectively and comprehensively to the challenges of urban transformation and help create forward-looking towns and cities that are pleasant to live in.
One step ahead in large mixed-use projects

One step ahead in large mixed-use projects

The Group has become the leader in large mixed-use projects covering all asset classes (residential, retail, public facilities, hotels, serviced residences, offices, etc.). This market segment is experiencing very strong momentum driven by the phenomenon of metropolisation. The gathering of populations, businesses and wealth within large gateway cities is a complex phenomenon that is recasting regional geography. Their property infrastructure is becoming outdated and needs to be reshaped to meet the challenges of growing population density.

As at 30 June 2019, Altarea was managing 11 major mixed-use projects representing potential value of approximately €3.5 billion.

Public interest partner for cities

By delivering urban solutions for these areas undergoing transformation, Altarea helps to recreate the urban bond between outlying areas and the heart of gateway cities in a commitment to responsible and sustainable real estate that has a positive impact on regions as a whole. Most of the Group's projects are property renovations or redevelopments, including retail spaces, industrial sites, commercial complexes, residential buildings, low-density housing, etc.

The Group’s developments thereby contribute to creating proximity, diversity and the social bond that citizens demand from their elected representatives.

Altarea's approach is exemplary in terms of environmental transition, with the systematic consideration of sustainability issues in its projects (energy efficiency, limited urban sprawl, reversibility of buildings, biodiversity, etc.). The Group regularly tops global rankings for its environmental performance.

More generally, in 2009 Altarea launched a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative through the "Tous engagés !" (we are all involved) programme, which is based on three main focus areas: working in the public interest of cities to develop and protect regions; placing the Customer at the heart of our actions, working to provide customer satisfaction in all our business lines, and drawing on the exemplary Talent of our nearly 2,000 employees, the company's biggest asset driving its growth.


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