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Invest in Altarea, a unique platform of real estate skills working to transform our towns and cities.

Leader in urban transformation, Altarea offers a range of development skills covering all classes of real estate assets (residential, retail, offices, logistics, hotels, serviced residences, etc.). Our specific skill-set means that we can respond effectively and comprehensively to the challenges of regional transformation by providing real estate solutions with high added value, focused on people and respectful of the environment and of best CSR practice.

Metropolisation, the concentration of people, activities and wealth within large metropolitan areas, is a complex phenomenon that redefines regional geography and involves rethinking their real estate infrastructure to meet the challenges of densification. This emerging market is enormous and Altarea is particularly well equipped to respond and thus pursue our strategy of sustainable growth.




2021 Dividend

2020 Dividend

In recent years the Altarea dividend has posted regular growth. Our dividend policy is based on an analysis that takes account of regulatory constraints, related in particular to the SIIC regime, dividends paid historically, and the Group’s financial position and results.

The General Shareholders' Meeting of 24 May 2022 voted a dividend of €9.75/share for the financial year 2021, up 2.6% compared to 2020.

The 2021 dividend wil be paid fully in cash on 31 May 2022 and the ex-dividend date will be set on 27 May 2022.

The General Shareholders' Meeting of 29 June 2021 voted a dividend of €9.50/share, for the financial year 2020, up to 5.6% compared to 2019. Shareholders also offered an option to take part-payment in shares. They were free to choose between:

  • full payment in cash;
  • 50% in share, and 50% in cash.

The main shareholders of the Group as well as the senior executives of Altarea, together representing nearly 80% of the share capital, had announced their intention to subscribe to this option.

At the end of the option exercise period (7 to 20 July 2021 inclusive), a total of 482,385 shares were subscribed, i.e. a 91.59% subscription rate. Taking into account a rounded par value of €15.28 per share, the nominal amount of the capital increase resulting from the subscription of the new shares totalled €7,370,842.80. The 482,385 shares were created, delivered and admitted to trading on 26 July 2021. The amount of the dividend paid in cash was paid to the shareholders on the same day.

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Forms of holding

Forms of holding

Direct registered shares

Bearer shares

Managed registered shares

Direct registered shares: your shares are registered directly and only with Altarea, enabling us to offer you a more personalised service. Your shares are registered in a securities account held with CACEIS Corporate Trust, the securities services manager for Altarea.

This type of ownership has several advantages:

  • Exemption from custody and management fees
  • Free access to an OLIS website specifically for registered shareholders. This gives you access to information about your shares and also allows you to place orders and vote at General Shareholders' Meetings
  • Brokerage fees are 0.3% excluding VAT of the gross transaction amount*, with a minimum charge of €10 excluding VAT, on all transactions carried out online via OLIS
  • Direct payment of dividends into your account

*This percentage does not include the transaction tax of 0.30% of the gross transaction amount on share purchases, paid in full to the French Treasury.

Bearer shares: bearer shares are managed by your financial intermediary (brokerage firm, bank or online broker). Altarea is not privy to this information.

Managed registered shares: you may decide that you want your financial intermediary to hold and manage your share portfolio. However, your shares are registered with Altarea, so we can still identify you.



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For the management of direct registered shares:

CACEIS Corporate Trust

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