Young talents, join the adventure "GRAINES DE PROMOTEURS"

The Group facilitates the professional integration of young people and is committed to ensuring the transmission of knowledge and skills.

Altarea supports the professional integration of young talent

Identifying talent

The Group has signed a partnership agreement with Engagement Jeunes. This platform enables SMEs and large companies to share the profiles of young talent they have identified, thereby facilitating their integration into working life. Altarea has been awarded the "Engagement Jeunes" label, a distinction given to companies for the welcome extended to young people.

Welcoming interns and work-study students

Each year we receive more than 100 trainees and interns. Committed to the Happy Trainees scheme, we oversee their integration and ensure that they have a positive experience.

In view of its robust growth, the Group is able to offer positions to a number of interns at the end of the internship or work-study period.

Karine Marchand

Employing young people is a priority for the Group. We see it both as a social responsibility and as the key to driving our growth.

Karine Marchand Group Director of Human Resources
Happy trainees !

Happy trainees !

Our Group was awarded the Happy Trainees label four years running.

This rating, from Choosemycompany, highlights the best companies in which to complete work-study training or an internship.

The Altarea Graduate Program

The Group has set up a Graduate Programme to train and retain young talent.

Hired on a permanent basis, each participant in the programme is given the opportunity to discover three business lines and different sectors of activity in the course of a personalised experience lasting 18 months. Skills are quickly honed and developed so that everyone can reveal their potential.

This exciting experience is an opportunity to receive the keys to understanding the challenges that the sector faces, through training and support from real estate professionals.

At the end of this process, we offer a sustainable opportunity by cross-referencing the ambitions of candidates with positions to be filled.

Alexis Moreau

This infusion of new blood is a strength! Keeping our eyes wide open to the outside world, which can easily get lost in the course of work. It requires open-mindedness, non-stop self-questioning and flexibility. But it's nothing to do with age!

Alexis Moreau Managing Director of Pitch Immo
A Group partnering committed players

A Group partnering committed players

Altarea is a signatory of the Diversity Charter. It is a commitment that every employer is asked to sign in order to promote diversity and so go beyond the legal and judicial framework of anti-discrimination measures. In this same spirit, the Group is also engaged with the NQT network (our neighbourhoods have talent) which provides individual and effective support to young graduates seeking employment and work-study placements. Last but not least, the "Elles Bougent" association (women on the move) is another of the Group's partners promoting gender equality.